DrumsAndGuitar.Com Is Coming At You!​

Mike Here,
I am slowly getting the website put together. I hope to grow it a little bit each day until it becomes something that I can be proud of. In preparation for starting this site, I did a lot of research, spent a lot of time reading other sites like this one, and for the most part, I was disappointed. Most of the review sights out there seem to be written by people who are not musicians, have not been musicians long, or don’t care enough to get good information to people who need it most, beginner and intermediate players. My goal for this site is to create content that is true, well researched, and from the perspective of a real working musician. I can’t wait to show you what I have in store, but man is there a learning curve to this whole website thing. Please bookmark this page and check back often as you will surely see changes on a daily basis.
Mostly I will use this blog section to update you on what I am doing on the site and to share my favorite videos and players with you.

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