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On this page, you will find links to PDFs and lesson videos that I have created.

I have also included links to other resources and websites that offer great content and free lessons.

This page will grow as I have more time to transcribe things and also as I come across great content to share – feel free to submit your own transcriptions and/or great website I will include them.

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    Drum Sheet Music

    My Lessons

    Beginner lessons

    Your first drum beat – PDF | Lesson Video
    18 Rock Grooves Anyone can play – PDF | Lesson Video
    Eighth note open hi-hat – PDF | Lesson Video
    Easy 16th note fill – PDF | Lesson Video

    Half Time Shuffle Series

    Half time shuffle 1 PDF | Lesson Video
    Half time shuffle 2 PDF | Lesson Video
    Half time shuffle 3 PDF | Lesson Video 
    Half time shuffle sans backbeat PDF | Lesson Video

    Linear half time shuffle PDF | Lesson Video 
    Quasi-Linear half time shuffle PDF| Lesson Video
    Eric Moore Shuffle Groove PDF| Lesson Video
    Killer Ghost Note Shuffle PDF | Lesson Video

    Jazz Drumming

    Kicking the and of 1 PDF | Lesson Video
    Beginning jazz soloing – PDF | Lesson Video
    Triplet Fill Vocabulary – PDF | Lesson Video

    Tastify your Groove Series

    Tastify  1 – PDF |Lesson Video
    Tastify 2 – PDF | Lesson Video
    Tastify 3 – PDF | Lesson Video
    Tastify 4 – PDF | Lesson Video
    Tastify 5 – PDF | Lesson Video
    Tastify 6 – PDF | Lesson Video


    Hi-hat stomp Slow Gospel Groove – PDF | Lesson Video
    This is a sweet groove – PDF | Lesson Video
    Broken Triplet Groove (A bit of a hip hop groove) – PDF | Lesson Video
    Rock Samba – PDF | Lesson Video

    Fills and chops

    16 note groove linear lick – PDF | Lesson Video
    16 note triplet lick – PDF | Lesson Video
    16 note triplet lick 2 – PDF | Lesson Video
    16 note triplet lick 3 – PDF | Lesson Video
    Triple scoop – PDF | Lesson Video

    32nd note fill 1 PDF | Lesson Video
    32nd note fill 2 PDF | Lesson Video
    32nd note fill 3 PDF | Lesson Video
    32nd note fill 4 – PDF | Lesson Video
    32nd note fill 5 – PDF | Lesson Video
    32nd note fill 6 – PDF | Lesson Video
    Quick Gospel Chop – PDF | Lesson Video
    Five-let lick – PDF | Lesson Video

    Left foot Jazz lick – PDF | Lesson Video

    4 great paradiddle licks – PDF | Lesson Video

    Stick on Stick Trick fills- PDF | Lesson Video

    Practice Pad Lessons

    Paradiddle Preparations – PDF | Lesson Video
    Paradiddle Sprints – PDF | Lesson Video
    Six-stroke roll reduction – PDF | Lesson Video
    Six-stroke classic snare solo – PDF | Lesson Video
    Paradiddle trap – PDF | Lesson Video
    Hand speed with flams – PDF | Lesson Video
    Single stroke speed and endurance – PDF | Lesson Video


    Cross Stick ideas – PDF | Lesson Video
    Left foot hi-hat techniques – PDF | Lesson Video
    Bass Drum Speed – PDF | Lesson Video
    Hand and foot combinations – PDF | Lesson Video

    Playing with drums (getting great sounds)

    Using a wallet on your snare – PDF | Lesson Video
    Using a towel on your snare – PDF | Lesson Video
    Getting a fatter snare sound – PDF | Lesson Video
    Making a cymbal sizzler – PDF | Lesson Video
    Cymbal squealing – PDF | Lesson Video
    Cymbal Chiming – PDF | Lesson Video

    Songs and transcriptions

    Gospel Music – Shai Linne – PDF | Lesson Video
    Hang On NEEDTOBREATHE – PDF | Lesson Video
    Take Five – PDF | Lesson Video The Solo – PDF 

    Akira Jimbo clave latin groove PDF | Lesson Video
    Chris Coleman lick – PDF | Lesson Video
    Dave Grohl PLAY – PDF | Lesson Video
    Dennis Chambers half-time shuffle 
    – PDF | Lesson Video
    Eric Moore Splash Lick – PDF | Lesson Video
    Steve Gadd paradiddle lick – PDF | Lesson Video | Demo Video (no talking)
    Steve Gadd Gaddadiddles – PDF | Lesson Video | Demo Video (no talking)
    Steve Gadd on the Pad 
    – PDF | Lesson Video
    Steve Gadd “The lick” 
    – PDF |Lesson Video | Demo Video (no talking)
    Teddy Campbell MD festival lick – PDF | Lesson Video
    Vinnie Colaiuta fill – PDF | Lesson Video


    Grace Alone Dustin Kensrue Cover (all instruments) Video

    Other Online Drum Lessons and resources

    The Percussive arts society’s misson is to “inspire, educate, and support percussionists and drummers throughout the world.  The Percussive Arts Society is the world’s largest percussion organization and is considered the central source for information and networking for percussionists and drummers of all ages”  Get your free PDF of all 40 international drum rudiments.

    Drummerworld is one of the first drum websites I ever visited.  It has great bios and photos of most of the big names in drumming and many of the small ones.  The link above will take you to the clinic page which has some great transcriptions and lessons from the greats.


    Vic-firth makes great sticks, and has a great education section on their site with tons of great stuff to work on.

    Be sure to check out the VF-Jams, amazing players, free transcriptions, and free backing tracks to play along to.

    Cruise Ship Drummer

    If you are into jazz or funk, you are going to want to check out this site.  Tons of free transcriptions and great exercises.

    Lots of free video drum lessons from the guys over at drumeo

    Guitar Tabs

    My Lessons

    Blues guitar lessons

    Each of the following blues guitar lessons is meant to fit together to help you gain some freedom with the blues.  I cover rhythm ideas first, teaching you to play the basics and then giving you a ton of ideas to keep every chorus fresh.  I then move on to licks you can play over the changes.  Every lesson will fit with the others so have fun expanding your blues vocabulary.  This stuff works on acoustic or electric and is accessible to beginners – intermediates.  I think you will learn at least a little something from every lesson, even if you are in the intermediate camp.

    How to play the blues on guitar for beginners – Blues in A – PDF | Lesson Video
    Easy Blues intro/turnaround in A – PDF | Lesson Video
    Sliding chord licks 
    – PDF | Lesson Video

    Extended Pentatonic Blues Jam – PDF | Lesson Video
    The Simple Lick – PDF | Lesson Video
    Ghostbusters licks PDF | Lesson Video

    Songs and transcriptions

    Isn’t She (a) Lovely Lick – PDF | Lesson Video

    Other Online Guitar Lessons and resources


    Justin has been making free guitar lesson videos for over 15 years now.  His site has hundreds of lessons from absolute beginner to very advanced.  You really can’t go wrong checking out his site, its all free.  

    The following resources are all paid online guitar lesson sites that I have used off and on over the years.  Each One offers a free trial, or a money back guarantee.  There are lots of lesson sites out there, and they all offer something a little bit different. These four are my favorite.

    If you are interested I would check them out 30 days at a time using only the free trials, that gives you 120 days of free quality guitar lessons.  once you have done that, pick the one you liked best and purchase a subscription.  If you do purchase I will get a small commission for recommending you to the service so using my links is appreciated, but not required.

    PRO TIP: All of these websites offer deeply discounted prices around holidays, that’s the best time to get it on the bigger stuff like an annual subscription.


    Beginner to advanced – Truefire is the service that I am currently subscribed to.  They have some big names like Tommy Emmanuel, Steve Vai, and Larry Carlton, as well as many other great players who are less well known.  Truefire seems to focus more on teaching how to play the guitar and less on learning popular songs.  I personally like this approach as it frees you up to have our own voice and that is what I want to do.  If you are interested in learning songs you will find some courses here, but not as many as some of the other sites.  Most courses are setup with an introduction 10-20 technique videos and then 5-10 application “songs” (super short) using the material from the course.  Each course comes with PDFs and the ability to loop and slow down the lessons.

    Jam Play

    beginner to advanced – Jamplay is similar to Truefire but has a little different approach.  Most of their teachers are in bigger bands, they teach a lot more songs, over 400, and cover a wider range of styles.  Jam play also has some great tools available to their subscribers.  Things like interactive games, chord builders, and scale charts among other things.  One thing that really sets Jamplay apart is their live lessons.  You can jump on with an instructor and ask them questions live as they teach.  This is one of my favorite features and is great if you are the type of person who likes to have all your questions answered right away.

    Use coupon code: 1BA1E2 for 25% off your first month

    Guitar Pro: a complete workshop for guitarists at an affordable price

    I have tried a ton of notation programs for creating tabs and they all have there pros and cons.  Right now I am using Guitar Pro 7 and I am amazed at the amount of things you can do with it.  Creating tabs is just the tip of the iceberg, grab a 30 day free trial and take it for a spin.

    More resources

    Here are some other links to free sheet music and charts from around the web.

    Worship Together is a great resource for worship leaders and church musicians.  Tons of free charts, instructional videos, and interviews with the artists.


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