29 Best Gifts For Drummers

A list by a drummer

I’ve been playing the drums since I was in middle school and in that time I’ve heard countless drummer jokes like:

How do you get a drummer off your porch?
You pay him for the pizza

Did you hear about the drummer who finished high school?
Me neither

I have also received many terrible drum gifts from well meaning friends who saw something that looked “drumish” online or at the store. It’s too bad, but there are websites out there recommending gifts to people that don’t even know what the products do that they are offering, and people buy them.  Today I will try to keep you from being one of those people.

I am confident that the drummer in your life would be happy to receive any of the gifts on this list, or at least I would.  Below you will find gifts from from $5-100, use what you know about your giftee plus the explanations and grab them something they will love!

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Items under $10 - Stocking Stuffers

Drum Sticks




This may seem like a no brainer! You can never go wrong buying a drummer a fresh new pair of sticks.  A good pair of drumsticks can last for years, but they do break down with continued use and eventually die.  Every drummer should have several pairs in the ready in case one breaks, so you don’t have to worry about giving them something they already might have.  There are several types and sizes available so I will just give you the all-arounders. 

Young players, players with smaller hands, or jazz players – consider 5a

Adults or players who play rock and pop – consider 5b

For the marching drummer consider – consider 2B

A drum themed movie

If the drummer in question is a movie lover, why not get them something that will make them laugh or inspire them to become a better drummer.  Both of these movies follow the life of a drummer from hard times to success, Drumline in a serious way, The Rocker in a comedic way.

Gibraltar SC-RK Ratchet Drum Key

All quality drums are constructed using special bolts called tension rods.  These rods have a square top that requires a special tool called a “drum key” to adjust.  Tuning drums, tightening memory locks, and making hight adjustments all require this tool.  Most drum keys are small, and T shaped, these small keys are great for minor adjustments but big jobs like changing drum heads can be tedious.  

This Ratcheting Drum Key from Gibralter can save a lot of time and frustration.  If you have ever tried to put a piece of furniture together from IKEA with the supplied tools you know some of the frustration.

Moon Gel

I will try to explain this as non technical as I can.  A drum produces sound when tightly stretched membrane often called a head or skin is struck.  Sometimes these vibrations can last too long, or cause unwanted high pitched frequencies.  Moon gel can be applied to drums and cymbals to reduce the length of the vibrations, or to deaden some of the higher frequencies, giving the drums a more balanced sound.  This stuff is like an industrial sticky hand, if you have ever bought one from the 25 cent machine at the pizza parlor you know what I am talking about.

Fun Socks

I really like interesting socks, you can wear them on casual gigs and even with a suit on a more upscale gig.  I might be getting older, but socks get more appealing every year.

Latin Percussion LP016 Shakers Red/White/Blue

Every drummer should have a shaker or two in their stick bag, you never know when you will need to add a little texture to a song.  This set from latin percussion is great.  It’s inexpensive and each of the colors offers a different texture.  White is soft, blue has a medium sound, and red is the loudest.

Items under $25

Instructional DVD

I highly recommend all three of these DVDs and have watched them all several times.  They all cover some form of technique required to play drums.  The techniques taught in these DVDs are universal and can be applied to any style of music and all three have amazing reviews.  I would recommend Tommy Igoe to beginners and those looking for practical application over Jojo Mayer, but Jojo’s videos are exhaustive and amazing to watch.

WUHAN 12" China Cymbal

Cymbals are expensive, sometimes very expensive.  I have spent $1000s of dollars on cymbals over the years and had the opportunity to play almost every brand of cymbal in a huge variety of sizes.  After all that I think I can say that Wuhan is the best bang for your buck cymbal company.  I have listed a few other Wuhan cymbals below that are a little more but a china that sounds good for under $25? unheard of.

This little china is great for metal, hard rock, or can be made into an effects cymbal by stacking a 10″splash on top of it, I use this combination in my set up.  

Meinl Percussion Drum Stick/Mallet Bag

As I mentioned above, drummers have or should have an arsenal of sticks at their disposal.  Carrying that many sticks to a gig can be a little difficult, and a tad embarrassing if you drop four pairs of sticks in the middle of your gig and they go rolling off the stage. 

This stick bag is designed to hold several pairs of sticks and has some extra pockets to keep things like Moongel, chapstick or a pencil.  There are also hooks that allow you to hook it to your floor tom for easy access of sticks, incase of a drop or the need for a quick change out. 

Mpow 035 Noise Reduction Safety Ear Muffs

It’s no secret that playing the drums can take a toll on your hearing.  It is super important to protect your ears, once your hearing is damaged there is no going back.  These Mpow ear muffs are my favorite solution to date.  I highly recommend them, as you can see in the video below, I wear them anytime I am practicing.  The thing I like most about these ear muffs is that they reduce the volume of my drums but still allow me to hear many of the frequencies I want to hear.  They are not musicians ear plugs, but for about $12 you can’t beat em.

EarDial Ear Plugs - Invisible Smart Earplugs

Practicing is not the only time you might what to protect your hearing.  Concerts, events, church services, and parties can all be places you might want to turn the volume down. 

EarDial ear plugs are small and clear so they are great for those who might want to wear and earplug discreetly, in a loud church or wedding.  They come with a clip on carrying case and an app that measures the sound level in a room and gives time limits for safe listening.   

Promark S22 Sizzler

A Sizzler is not just a place to get a great salad bar.  This cymbal sizzler is a great little effect that can be placed on any cymbal to increase the sustain and give it a little extra sizzle.  Using a cymbal sizzler saves you from having to drill holes in your cymbal and install permanent rivets. 

Wooden drum key rack

If you are looking for something in the home decor department, this Wooden key/ light coat rack would make a great addition to any drummers home.

Evans Torque Key

You might be seeing a theme here when it comes to drum keys.  I don’t think a drummer can have enough drum keys.  I have one in my truck, in my stick bag, on my key chain, and in many of the draws around the house.  

This particular key aids in drum tuning by getting all the lugs to the same tightness.  It has an adjustable release that breaks open when the desired tension is acquired.

TAMA QC8B4 Quick-Set Cymbal Mate 4 Pack

The gigging drummer will take cymbals off of a cymbal stand and put them back on thousands of times.  These nifty little cymbal toppers save you the time of spinning the wing nut on every cymbal stand.  If you have several cymbals these could save you a ton of time.  If I could only get back all that time I wasted tightening wingnuts.

Big Fat Snare Drum

The Big Fat Snare Drum is designed to be placed on top of any snare drum (or tom I suppose) in order to drop the pitch and give it a 70s sound.  These are great for drummers who only want to carry one snare to a gig and don’t want to have to retune for specific songs.  The one with the hole in the middle “the doughnut” gives a medium fat sound, while the original BFSD drops the pitch significantly. 

Remo Emperor X Coated Snare Drum Head

All drum heads get old and need to be replaced, (And the heads that come on most drums are not great) but snare drums tend to take the most abuse.  This Remo snare drum head comes with a sound muffling dot on the inside to keep overtones down and make your snare drum sound awesome.  Any drummer would be excited to get a new snare head, and why not get them a set for the toms while you’re at it.

This head will fit any brand drum, but make sure to buy the right size head.  Most snare drums are 14″.

Pure sound Snare Wires

Nothing can breath new life into a snare drum like new heads and a new snare wire.  Snare wires run along the bottom of a snare drum and give it its signature crack.  Snare wires are essentially springs and over time they can stretch out causing a lack of response.  A fresh snare wire will make any old drum sound new again, and maybe even better. 

Be sure to check the size of the drum before you buy, but most snare drums are 14″

Pearl PTT13 Drum Key

The Pearl PTT13 is like a Swiss army knife for a drummer, only you don’t have to worry about them cutting themselves…sorry another drummer joke.  It has all the tools a drummer could possibly need to make small and large adjustments to any part of their drum set, all in a small compact package that will fit into their stick bag.

Bass Drum Cowbell Mounting Bracket

Every drummer needs more cowbell, but how do you attach the cowbell to your drumset?  Here are two great options.  These two mounting brackets are great for mounting a cowbell, tambourine, or jam block to your bass drum. 

The clamp on the left offers more adjustments to get your cowbell or accessory in just the right spot.  The bracket on the right is less adjustable, but easier to put on and take off, and does not require a drum key.

Promark SD200 Stick Depot

Dropping sticks during a gig can be embarrassing, It can be even worse if you don’t have any replacement sticks close by.  This stick Depot holds up to two pairs of sticks, and conveniently clamps onto a cymbal stand, making a pair of sticks something that is always easy to access.

Gibraltar SC-DSDH Deluxe Drink Holder

If you’ve ever played the drums you know that it can be a sweaty adventure.  There’s a reason drummers take two shirts to the gig, or don’t wear one.  This sweet cup/bottle holder will make sure the drummer has something to drink close at hand.  It beats putting it on the ground where it will vibrate off the stage or on your other gear where it can spill and make a mess.

Items under $50

Vic Firth Fresh Approach Starter Pack

This is everything you need to get started on the drums.  This would also be a great gift for someone who is ready to start taking the drums a bit more seriously.  You get a pair of sticks, practice pad, and instructional material to help you make the most of your time on the Pad.  This pack also includes a poster with a 40 of the basic drum rudiments.

Vater VCYBB Back Pack Cymbal Bag

All drummers secretly hope to be rock stars, and most drummers will play at least a few gigs…even if those “gigs” are in their buddy’s dad’s garage.  This cymbal bag will help in the laborious process of moving a drum set.  Each cymbal stacks inside of the next larger cymbal and then they all slide into this bag.

I can tell you how many times I have moved my drum set.  Without drum cases and a cymbal bag I would have gone crazy.

Meinl Cymbals Generation-X 10-Inch Drumbal

The Drumbal is a cymbal that sits on a drum.  It will give a drum an electronic type sound and is a ton of fun to play with.  It is better seen then explained so here is a video.

DrumFire Non Slip Drum Mat with Bag

Drum mats are essential for any gig that is outside or on a hard surface.  Without one your bass drum and high-hat will slide all over the place, you also run the risk of damaging your drums or the floor.  I can’t tell you the number of times I have had to track down a door mat at the gig, or use the floor mats in my car.  Save someone the trouble and grab them one of these portable non-slip drum mats, it even comes with its own bag for easy transportation!

Pearl PPS37 L Arm Rod with Adapter

Here is another solution to attach an accessory to your drum set.  This version attaches to any cymbal stand, and is also strong enough to hold things like snare drums and toms.

SoundOff by Evans Drum Mute Pak

This might be more of a gift for you, if you live with a drummer then a gift for them.  These rubber pads sit on top of drums and cymbals drastically reducing the volume of the drums set.  They are made of a rubber material that feels close enough to hitting a real drum that playing and practicing is still fun.  Save your ears and theirs.

3 Piece Canvas Wall Art

Drummers are artists, and most artists appreciate art, even if it is not within their own discipline.  This three large piece of art would look great hanging in any studio, music room, or living room.

Items under $75

WUHAN 16" Crash Cymbal

Here is one more Wuhan cymbal, again a nice sounding crash for under $75 is an amazing deal.

DrumDial Drum Tuner

Tuning drums is an art that can take years to master.  The trick is to get all the tension rods to the exact same tension.  Sometimes this can be hard to do by ear.  The Drumdial helps in the process by measuring the tension of the head of the drum at every lug.  Simply place the drum dial on the drum and tighten each rod until the dial on the tuner points to the desired tension.

Items under $100

Tune-bot Studio Electronic Drum Tuner

The tune bot is a digital version of the Drum Dial.  It works a little bit differently, but it aims to do the same thing.

More gift ideas coming soon

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