5 Best Guitar Wall Hangers in 2019

Buyer's guide

Top pick: String Swing
Most adjustable: Horizontal Hanger 
Most secure: Hercules GSP
Most unique: Grip Studios
Best For multiple guitars: Guitar Keeper

If you want to get better at playing the guitar you are going to need to get your guitar in your hands as often as you can. The best solution I have found is to make it as simple as possible to pick up your guitar and start playing.

The saying is true, out of sight out of mind. If your guitar is in a closet or under the bed, chances are you are less likely to think about playing it. If you do think about playing it, the pain of digging it out, opening the case, tuning it up, putting on the strap, and getting to work will hinder your resolve to practice more.

Buyer's guide

Getting your guitar out in the open, with easy access, will help you to practice more. If your guitar is easy to pick up, you will pick it up more often.

One solution is to keep your guitar on a guitar stand, where it is easily accessible. This option is great for people with no kids or pets that could easily knock the guitar off the stand and onto the floor. Decorative guitar stands are beautiful, but can be expensive.  You may also find that this solution takes up more room that you want to devote to storing your guitar.

A second solution is to hang your guitar on the wall. Hanging your guitar keeps it visible but eliminates the possibility of it getting knocked down by kids or pets. It takes up less room and keeps the floor clear.

What to look for in a wall hanger


When you hang your guitar on the wall you want to know that it is going to be secure. Things like earthquakes, doors slamming, and wind from open windows can cause your guitar to swing or shake around. You will want to look for a guitar hanger that has a deep bow, locking mechanism, or slip guards to keep your ax safe and sound.

Quality construction

I think it goes without saying but, if you are planning on hanging an expensive instrument on the wall, you are going to want to make sure that the hanger is not going to slip, get loose, or fall apart while supporting your guitar.

Neck protection

Some materials can be rough and cause damage to your neck or headstock. If you have a delicate finish like satin, make sure you get a hanger that is coated in a quality rubber or foam that will be gentle on the finish.

You also have the option to place a small piece of carpet, foam or material on the wall where the body of the guitar will hang. This may reduce damage to your guitar if it was to swing into the wall for some reason.

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Where to mount my guitar

You will want to mount your guitar on an interior wall. Exterior walls see the most fluctuation in temperature which can take a toll on your guitar. I would also suggest avoiding mounting your guitar close to doors that get slammed often as they can cause a lot of vibrational forces causing your guitar to go out of tune.

Steer clear of heater vents as they can dry out the wood in the neck and body of the guitar causing warpage, and twisting in the neck.

Finally, choose a location where your guitar can be on display. The whole point of hanging it is so that you will see it often and want to play it.

How to attach a guitar mount

A guitar wall hanger needs to be securely fastened to the wall in order to support the weight of your guitar. The strongest option is to find a stud and use screws that will go at least an inch into the studs.

If you can not locate a stud, drywall anchors are your next best choice. Make sure to check the manufactures recommendation for weight capacity and choose the correct size anchors.

Avoid using double-sided tape, command strips, or nails as all of these have a greater possibility of failing.

Below you will find a few options for hangers that are quality made, gentle on your guitar and will look good attached to any wall.

Guitar wall hanger Round-up

String Swing


  • Simple
  • Yoke Pivots to accommodate different shaped heads
  • Inexpensive


  • Deep bend may cause tuners to bump out of tune
  • Mounting hardware could be better

The String Swing CC01K is the most popular wall hanger on Amazon and for good reason. It is simple, sturdy, and inexpensive. String swing products come with a lifetime guarantee and are made in the USA. The string swing is made of American hardwood and finished in a light or dark stain, for a great look with or without a guitar hanging on it.

Another great feature of the string swing is the pivoting yoke. This is great for people who own a guitar that does not have a symmetrical headstock, like a Strat or a Telecaster. You can turn the yoke so the guitar will hang straight with even pressure on either side of the neck.

The deep bend in the yoke will keep your guitar from accidentally sliding out, even with some disruption from wind or a door closing.  But some people have reported the deep bend causing problems with loosening locking tuners. For added protection look into one of the locking guitar hangers.

String Swing Horizontal Hanger


  • keeps your guitar out of reach of little ones
  • adjustable for body styles
  • Sturdy


  • Not very attractive without a guitar in it
  • On the expensive side

If you need to get your guitar a little higher off the ground, you want a little more support, or you are worried about your guitar swinging from fans or wind, you may want to consider the string swing horizontal hanger.

With this hanger your guitar is gently supported at the body by two padded hooks and also supported at the neck by an additional padded hook.  The hanger is adjustable allowing you to hang your guitar at almost any angle.  The base is made of powder-coated steel and is sturdy enough to hang electric our acoustic instruments on.

This hanger is more than twice the price of other neck only type hangers, but does offer a lot more options for hanging your guitar.  You may also consider picking up some better wall anchors as a few people have had problems with striping out the screws.

Hercules GSP38WB


  • Locks your guitar in place
  • Auto adjustable yoke for different heads
  • protective foam


  • Included hardware is not great (you will need anchors to mount in drywall)
  • Not great for basses or guitars with large tuners

If you like the look and convince of hanging your guitar from the head, but want a little more peace of mind, the Hercules GSP is for you.  This hanger utilizes a gravity to lock your guitar in place.  The weight of your guitar causes the yoke to lower pivoting two little arms inward to trap your guitar.  In order to remove the guitar you simply lift the guitar up and then out.  The yoke will also swivel to accommodate irregularly shaped guitar heads which is a helpful if you have something like a Strat.

This hanger does take a bit more care when removing your guitar as you have to lift the guitar up, but the added security may be worth the extra effort.

Mounting screws are included, but are designed to go directly into a solid surface.  If you are wanting to mount your guitar on drywall be sure to pick up some proper weight rated drywall anchors.

Grip Studios GuitarGrip


  • Unique look
  • semi-adjustable for diffrent shaped headstocks


  • More expensive than other options
  • Will not fit all guitar types
  • Large - could be a pro

If you are looking to hang your guitar with a bit more style, you gotta pick up a Guitar grip hand holder.  These hand shaped hangers come in 4 high gloss metallic finishes: red, black, silver and blue and will look great with or without a guitar hanging in them.  You can get this hanger in a left or right handed version depending on where you want the fingers to end up.

The look is defiantly on the more metal side, so if that is not your cup of tea you may want to steer clear of this one.  This product is also rather large and will be very noticeable on the wall, which I think is the whole point of getting something like this.  One last consideration is that this hanger is not a versatile as some of the others.  If your guitar has an unusual headstock, or larger tuners you might have a hard time getting it to fit.

Guitar Keeper Bundle


  • Space saving
  • Holds up to 5 guitars


  • Expensive
  • Tricky install - special tools requied
  • The clamp doesn’t open wide enough for some classical guitars

If you have a lot of guitars that need to be hung, you can purchase a lot of the aforementioned products, or look into something like the guitar keeper bundle.  This product comes with a 48″ wooden base, inlaid with metal tracks that individual arm hangers clip into.  Each arm is adjustable to accommodate for different size guitars.  This product is very sturdy.

This is a great option if you need to save wall space as each guitar will hang at roughly a 45 degree angle.  Because of this, your guitars will be less on display and more like conveniently stored.

This product requires that you drill through 1/16″ aluminum for the installation, so be sure you have a good drill on hand before purchasing, 

Final thoughts

In my teaching room I keep my guitar on a guitar stand in the corner.  It works well for me and allows me to pick up and put down my guitar multiple times during a lesson.  In my office however I chose to hang my guitar on a string swing guitar hanger.  I hang it as high as I can so it is out of the way but still in the open enough that I remember to pick it up on my breaks and give it a strum.

I can’t recommend displaying your guitar enough.  I guarantee you will play your guitar more often if you see it everyday.

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